Sunday, September 2, 2007


Okay, I, I mean Chad and I are still wondering when we will ever get too old or too tired to ride rollercoasters!? I think we have more fun than the 12 year olds who are wandering the amusement parks. Our favorite ride of all times is "Scream" at Fiesta Texas. Okay, so this ride is not a roller coaster, but it is still one sought out by thrill seekers..... aka....."us". We have season passes and manage to never....ever....get tired of this is the first one on every single time! The anticipation makes my stomach hurt and when you get to the top, you feel so helpless and just know something crazy is coming. At the last minute when at the top of the ride I tell Chad how scared I am (every single time) and that I wanna get down. He grabs my hand, and quickly says...." Oh, you'll be down in a couple of seconds". Then woooosh.....down you go like a tiny little part of this big-wide-world.

When can we go again?

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