Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scooby Doo is still a Star!

We only allow Alyssa to watch cartoons and Disney Channel, although sometimes even Hannah Montana or High School Musical start this ridiculous kissing scene and we scurry to change the channel and she immediately covers her eyes, so innocent....I hope she still act this way when she is 16 (yeah right, I know). But, her ultimate favorite is Scooby Doo. If the kid sees anything Scooby related, she manages to finagle someone to buy it for her or if all else fails, pulls out her allowance money. She has the video collection and knows every single word of the movie. We figured that one out because I got a new car that has a DVD player. With her headset on, we heard her saying the entire movie. Yeah, ridiculous. I promise I am not a latch-key-TV-momma.

She managed to get this ball from Grammy. Thanks mom, for adding to the madness :)

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