Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jungle in San Antonio

Chad gets so irritated with me that I really do hate to go downtown to the Riverwalk. It is not that I don't like it there, but it is VERY tourist-e and the only time we get a chance to go is on the weekend with an $8 parking fee and walk for a couple of blocks (in the SA humidity and heat), ummmm not so fun for me. But okay, it is Lissy's birthday and we wanted to take her to a "special place" for dinner. So we went to the "Rainforest Cafe". It is amazing..... we really do have a jungle in San Antonio, animals and all! She loved it, we loved it, and you gotta go! The food, ummmm, don't really remember that part, we were having too much fun walking on the wild side. So long story short, okay, I wanna go back to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Oh yeah, and my baby is now 6!!

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