Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She is such a Chicken!

No really, she was such a cute chick! Lissy had a kindergarten program at school and her part was to sing a song from a "chicken perspective". The song was similar to Old McDonald...go ahead, I know you know want to sing the tune..... I will wait.

Back to the story....It was super cute. Her kinder class was divided into various farm animals. Us PTA moms decorated the stage and designed costumes for our kiddos. That is when the drama came. Now, where could one possibly find a chicken costume in the spring? Maybe during Halloween, but not during this time of year. So, mommy had to get creative for the little chick she does cherish. Mommy used yellow boas sewn to one of daddy's T-shirts and one of his old baseball caps. Oh yeah, and ordered some funky tights for the chicken legs. Now, this little chick turned out to be pretty cute and sings pretty good :)

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