Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving Holiday was awesome! I had my sister and her family from El Paso enter our world for a week. I already miss them so much and to think that they just left this morning. I also felt like the I hit the jack-pot with the best-est friend in the world, Allison aka Storm (even though she never gets upset with me that I continue to not call her by her real name). Each Thanksgiving she makes attempts to enter our world regardless what state life takes us to. She reminded me that we are going on 20 years of knowing each other and it seems like yesterday that I met this diamond-of-a-friend in a huge lecture hall studying genetics. How I wish that Florida was a little closer. Our girlie nights this past week were such fun. I am in love with my family and friends it confirms why we have a Thanksgiving Holiday in the first place, so many people to give thanks for.

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monica said...

I loved every minute I got to spend with you, Alyssa, and Chad! And let me not forget to mention Storm....she's like a sis too...ahhh girl days...it was GREAT!