Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I could proclaim that I ate too many tamales for Thanksgiving and got super fat and developed "cankles" (ankle + calf), but I will confess the truth. Yes, I did eat lots of mommas home-made yummo tamales, but on Sunday right before I return to our routine of work, school, homework, etc. I missed a bottom stair into the kitchen and literally heard cracking bones. I think I would rather birth another 10lb kid than go through that again. OHMAGOSH, such pain. Seems that I fractured some tiny little bones in my ankle, can't walk, and am absolutely miserable. Tomorrow I get fitted for an orthopedic boot or a 10lb cast and apparently it is not the best fashion wear. Maybe I will borrow the Beddazzler from my niece and create a one of a kind piece of fashion :) Lucky me!


monica said...

WOW... it's still really swollen...I shoulda stayed to play nurse to my sissy...:)

Mommy Doodles said...

OMG - i found your blog today, Great Blog!! I hope to be back to visit again soon.... good luck and get well soon!



Melody A. said...

Oh, yikes. I got chills. Feel better soon. Or better yet, milk it! You can't do much with a hurt ankle, can you?