Friday, August 3, 2007

Does anyone know what a Snow Cone is anymore?

Last night Lissy and I were at HEB, buying the usual necessities...milk, Lucky Charms, toilet tissue, sweettarts, etc. Now that the rain has finally succumed, it is getting really hot, even at 8:00 at night. So we were walking out of HEB (our local supermarket here in TX) and there is this tiny little snow cone stand. So I asked Lissy, "Honey, do you want a snow cone?" her answer was, "What is that?". I think she saw the shock on my face (she's only had about a million since her birth) then raised her hand and said wait mommy, I know what that you mean shaved ice? raspa? (that is what they call it in TX) ice with kool-aid? What ever happened to good ole fashioned snowcone? It still looks like a snow cone to me. Oh, how that brings back the memories of chasing down the snow-cone lady in her big white truck as she rang the little bell for $0.25 could even get pickle juice! Yes I know, I am dating my age.

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