Monday, July 23, 2007

Mommy is Spoiled

Who would have ever known that mommy could have an entire pedicure and manicure done at home that is better than Miss Linda Wongs? Today I came home to a house of vacationers (daddy finally took some vacation days) and talk about a trashed house! Miss Maria (our goddess who visits our house every couple of weeks and cleans up the wreck) where are you? So overwhelmed I layed down on the couch and went nite-nite (at 4:00pm). Later I awoke to a little bit of a massage and DH practiced his pedicure technique on my good I know Miss Linda would give him a job (heck, who needs the Army, haha!) ! Lissy worked on my fingers, painting with cuticle oil (I still don't trust her with polish) and then they made dinner for me. Life is great, messy house and all! It is official, Chad and Lissy must love momma!

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