Thursday, July 26, 2007

Does anyone else have a Harry Potter addict?

He uses it as an excuse, that there is just nothing to do (because of all the rain we are getting) but read--- actually listen to the audio of the new Harry Potter book. It is a craze! Although, I must admit that I am guilty, because as soon as I see him change CD's I ask him what happened. Chad is funny, sitting with his headphones on, junk food by his side, and an occasional talk to the computer screen for poor Harry Potter. I think since he is on vacation (a rarity for an Army recruiter) he is retaliating and is boycotting Army life by not shaving, absolutely no PT, not think of a million things to do, and does not answer his cell phone. Haha, poor guy, I think he did need this break with Harry. But, I can barely contain myself that perhaps today he might finally be done and can do some of my "Honey-Do" list.

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