Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall in South Texas

I often think about the cool breeze (sometimes freakin' freezing cold wind) that the Carolina's would bring to my skin. I loved the season wearing of a nice fluffy scarf, wool jacket and maybe even some ear muffs as I would pack my teacher bag full of graded lab reports and projects and head out the door to my wonderful "Tiger land" (our mascot was a tiger). I loved so many things about North Carolina that I was sad so many times... I missed my classroom, my friends, my house, my neighbors, my dirt that did not consist of limestone rock. Well finally this past weekend I got my fix of what was a glimpse of the color changes that I would see in NC....right here in my backyard at the Guadalupe River. I went up the road a bit to our nature river and captured this. My little North Carolina born angel playing in a fall takes me back 4 years fix.

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Two Blessings From Above said...

The pictures are beautiful! I love fall. We went up to Apostle Isalnds for a long weekend mid Oct. and the leaves were perfect. If you have time check out my slidehsow on the Apostle Islands. I am not the best at taking pictures, but I think I captured some good ones.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.