Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Day 2

San Antonio Lumenaria Festival. On the spur of the moment, my glass bead instructor sent me an evite to this Festival of Arts. It was grand! One thing is for sure, when San Antonio has a party, we go all out! The streets downtown were blocked off and each road was a different "Artsy Theme". My favorite street was the glass works. We saw glass blowers, lampworkers, and glass sculpture-ers. Amazing how artsy and creative some people can be. Believe it or not, yes I know this is lame, but the kiddos nor Chad have been to the Alamo since we have lived here (I came quite a few years ago, during college days). Well, the night was perfect and the Alamo was lite up by those creative people who organized the event. My little family and I took a well deserved trip into the historic building. Really amazing how so many feelings rush though you when you think about how many secrets and historic moments are underneath your feet.

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