Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rodeo Time

This may sound kinda lame to most Texans, but even though I have lived in Texas for 4 years, I still had never been to the Professional Rodeo Circuit that comes every year. Last night was a first. Our intention was to go to the concert of Miranda Lambert (because Lissy is learning to play the guitar and loves to watch young guitar stars), and we were surprised to find out that the "rodeo" takes place before the concert. It started out awesome, parade of US flags, acknowledgment that freedom is not free, and that we have our US soldiers defending freedom who deserve a salute. I liked that part but did not like the part that seemed to be a little too rough on the livestock. It was going through my mind how some of the events are not outlawed. I don't know, maybe that is the non-Texan in me. I don't even wanna tell my sister about it because she is a PETA fanatic.

Lissy is so ready for "COWGIRL" dress up at school this month (each Wednesday in February). She has always been a cowgirl of a sense, even in North Carolina, but now it is even better because she says now, she lives in San Antonio, TEXAS! Have fun sweetheart, with your boots, hat and leather fringed vest and skirt!

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