Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh my, is that real?

Uh Hu, yep all those bodies are the real deal! It was amazing! Lissy's school was out on Friday for a professional development day so mommy had to be the stay-at-home-mommy. I really envy those mommy's that get to do that every single day. We started out the morning eating a nice breakfast of fresh fruit and then made our nails. Lissy saw the ad in the SA newspaper about a month ago of the "Body Exhibit" at the Witte. Me, being a biologist, was super stoked that she wanted to go (her dad, being so conservative was apprehensive if we should let her see the exhibit). Come on dad, she is addicted to discovery health channel and swears that she either wants to be a doctor or on American Idol. Support me on some little parent pressure, please.

Last Friday was our day. She was very interested in each of the displays (could not wait to dial in the audio for each of the stations). Truly phenomenal. It was like a once in a lifetime shot at looking at all your innards. Wow! Oh yeah, but we did skip over the "boy part display" (passerbys got a kick out of that). Lissy still swears that she is allergic to boys, so I think she was okay with that :)

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