Saturday, December 15, 2007


This past weekend we visited a little town down the road from San Antonio....Boerne. I found out about this little piece of heaven through an internet friend of mine, HipMomma. I really...really..wanted to go during one of the weekends they had a Christmas parade, but having a broken ankle seems to have taken over my life. So we missed the parade, but managed to go now that I was feeling a little better and we went into this nice little Bakery and had the best hot cocoa I have EVER had. Chad watched me and helped me shop in what seems to be a kazillion little vintage shops. The three of us had the best time. I almost wanna live in Boerne.

Alyssa's best part of the afternoon was when she discovered that there were alpaca's for sale along side the road. Texas for you, I guess. They were the cutest little guys and felt like a soft lambie blankie. I may decide to add one to my Christmas list ;)

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Melody A. said...

So glad you came to visit!! It really is the sweetest little town. And did you happen to ask how much those alpacas were? $7000 for a male. Put that on your Santa wish list. Eeek. Come back soon.