Saturday, November 17, 2007

Build a Bear

One of the favorite places in this little girls world is Build-A-Bear. Now why could I not think of stuffing animals for a living and becoming a millionaire? I saw the person who started build a bear on Oprah and the whole thing was a fluke how it got started. Amazing. I sometimes have great ideas, how come I can't become a trillion-aire? I think I would be a great one.

I think everyone in the world has been to this hectic store. There is nothing like having all of these children running around searching for just the right outfit for their bear, dino, or rabbit. The search includes trying to find the "fashiest" shirt, pants, shoes, wig, panties, etc...etc.... Alyssa will spend every dollar she earns in that store if we let her. Although, I must admit that the process itself is about 1 hour but provides hours of enjoyment when she gets home. It is all about being the pretend mommy and/or sister and/or best friend to a furry little lifeless bear. Her imagination is so magical.

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